All papers are open - either published open acess or directly linked to pdf. All code and all data necessary to replicate the papers’ figures are also linked. Don’t hesitate contacting me at palerma @ google mail if something is missing.

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✉ corresponding author


NeuroGym: An open resource for developing and sharing neuroscience tasks
Manuel Molano-Mazón, Joao Barbosa, Jordi Pastor-Ciurana, Marta Fradera, Ru-Yuan Zhang, Jeremy Forest, Jorge del Pozo, Li Ji-An, Christopher J Cueva, Jaime de la Rocha, Devika Narain, Guangyu Robert Yang.
PsyArxiv (2022) [code]

Neural signatures of reduced serial dependence in anti-NMDAR encephalitis and schizophrenia
Heike Stein, Joao Barbosa, Diego Lozano-Soldevilla,Mireia Rosa-Justicia, Alba Morató, Adrià Galan-Gadea, Laia Prades, Amaia Muñoz-Lopetegui, Helena Ariño, Eugenia Martinez-Hernandez, Mar Guasp, Josefina Castro-Fornieles, Josep Dalmau, Joan Santamaria, Albert Compte
PsyArxiv (2024)

Alpha phase-coding supports feature binding during working memory maintenance
Mattia F. Pagnotta, Aniol Santo-Angles, Ainsley Temudo, Joao Barbosa, Albert Compte, Mark D’Esposito, Kartik K. Sreenivasan
bioRxiv (2024)


Early selection of task-relevant features through population gating
Joao Barbosa✉, Remi Proville, Chris C. Rodgers, Michael R. DeWeese, Srdjan Ostojic, Yves Boubenec.
Nature Communications (in press) [data] [tweeprint] [talk]

Pinging the brain with visual impulses reveals electrically active, not activity-silent working memories
Joao Barbosa, Diego Lozano-Soldevilla, Albert Compte.
Plos Biology (2021) [code] [data] [tweeprint]

Across-area synchronization supports feature integration in a biophysical network model of working memory
Joao Barbosa, Vahan Babushkin, Ainsley Temudo, Kartik K. Sreenivasan, Albert Compte.
Frontiers in Neural Circuits (2021) [code] [tweeprint]

Interplay between persistent activity and activity-silent dynamics in prefrontal cortex underlies serial biases in working memory
Joao Barbosa+, Heike Stein+, Rebecca L. Martinez, Adria Galan-Gadea, Sihai Li, Josep Dalmau, Kirsten C. S. Adam, Josep Valls-Sole, Christos Constantinidis & Albert Compte.
Nature Neuroscience (2020) [code] [data] [tweeprint] [talk]

Synaptic basis of reduced serial dependence in anti-NMDAR encephalitis and schizophrenia
Heike Stein+, Joao Barbosa+, Mireia Rosa-Justicia, Laia Prades, Alba Morato, Adria Galan-Gadea, Helena Arino, Eugenia Martinez-Hernandez, Josefina Castro-Fornieles, Josep Dalmau & Albert Compte.
Nature Communications (2020) [code] [data] [tweeprint]

Build-up of serial dependence in color working memory
Joao Barbosa & Albert Compte.
Scientific Reports (2020) [code] [data] [tweeprint]

Neural circuit basis of visuo-spatial working memory precision
Rita Almeida, Joao Barbosa, Albert Compte.
Journal of Neurophysiology (2015)


A practical guide for studying human behavior in the lab
Joao Barbosa✉+, Heike Stein+, Samuel Zorowitz, Yael Niv, Christopher Summerfield, Salvador Soto-Faraco, Alexandre Hyafil.
Behavior Research Methods (2022) [code] [tweeprint]

Towards biologically constrained attractor models of schizophrenia
Heike Stein+, Joao Barbosa+, Albert Compte.
Current Opinion in Neurobiology (2021) [code] [tweeprint] [talk]

Working Memories Are Maintained in a Stable Code
Joao Barbosa✉.
Journal of Neuroscience (2017)

PhD Thesis

Neural network mechanisms of working memory interference
Universitat de Barcelona (2019)

In progress

Serial dependence decreases with structural connectivity decline during healthy aging
Virtual Working Memory Symposium 2020 [talk]